Wellington Honored 72 Local High Impact Teachers

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Wellington invited 72 local teachers, their families, and their schools’ Principals for a celebration recognizing their accomplishments as High Impact teachers. The event took place during the Education Committee meeting on Tuesday, May 2, 2017, followed by a special reception. Wellington Council personally congratulated the following teachers for their positive influence on student performance.

Binks Forest Elementary School
Timothy Thompson
Dominick Brandine
Kathy Zangen
Brandie Soto
Lori Palermo
Susie Barnes
Artemis Santiago
Kelli Morine
Gianna Gouvia
Lori Bidwell (Moved out of County)

Emerald Cove Middle School
Robert Michals
Marlene Carr
Johnna Seibert
Lisa Welz
Fern Brewer
Elizabeth Slaman
Stephanie McAliley
Latoya Johnson Arnett (Rosenwald Elementary)
Christina Haynes

Wellington Landings Middle School
Lois Weber; Danielle McMasters; Douglas Henry; Cynthia Higgins; Lisa Havell; Lisa Shields; Judy Warren; Lisa Shore; Julie Burtin